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Soraya Saleh-Birjandi

Official Website of Best Selling Author, Including her Latest Book

"There's A "Thing" In My Room!"

Folly is the title of a poem written by the page author.


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There's A "Thing" In My Room!
: Things Kids See In The Dark


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Hi, My Names Slim

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Book number three written by the website author.

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   Soraya Saleh-Birjandi was born in San Marcos, Texas, on January 5, 1960. Her mother, Teresa Martinez, met her father, Mahmoud Saleh-Birjandi, while training at an Air Force base in San Antonio during the 1960s. He was a pilot in the Iranian Air Force when Iran was still a free country.

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   Soraya (so-ri-ya) Spent much of her learning years in San Marcos and eventually moved with her family to San Antonio, Texas.

   She was an insatiable reader and possessed highly creative talents, mostly ranging from musical to literary. Loved by all, her witty and unsurpassed sense of humor made her a friend magnet.

   Late in the last century, she focused on writing children's books and began submitting them to scores of publishing companies with frequency and regularity. She received many letters, some positive, but no publication. Sadly, she died in our home on August 25, 2012. 

   My name is David "Michael" Raby, and Soraya was the love of my life and my wife for 28 years. Creatively gifted in various ways, she played the piano and guitar, wrote music, and had the most beautiful singing voice.

   However, she eventually decided to center all her talented efforts on writing. She so much loved the idea of putting precisely the right words together to create something beautiful and memorable. She wrote poetry but had decided to focus all her efforts on writing books for children.

   Therefore I have decided to put to use the stack of manuscripts she left me. I intend to publish them all one by one, so many others may enjoy her talent, and I am confident she would be pleased.


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